Thursday, October 10, 2013

Twenty minutes at Bucktown Marsh

Today I swung by the Bucktown Marsh on the way to work.  This is across the lake levee from R & O's restaurant.

The brushy marsh edge had a cluster of birds that responded to swishing along its south edge, and another at its north end.  The former had 2 Marsh Wrens, 1 Sedge Wren, and 2 Common Yellowthroats.  Not easy to get Sedge Wren in the City, so that was a pleasant surprise.   They winter in grassy marshes outside the city.

The northern cluster of birds one had a Lark Sparrow, another Marsh Wren, and four more Yellowthroats.  Lark Sparrow is another goodie- I normally see less than a half dozen per year.  Fall migration is the most likely time for them, and today was a typical date.  It was teed up on top of the brush before I began swishing.

Walking the cut trail north along the lake edge, and then back via the unfinished road to the car, was relatively unproductive- though I had another Yellowthroat and a House Wren, swished up together.

Good birding,


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