Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gorgeous field of cosmos in City Park is loaded with birds

This fall there is a shocking field of orange cosmos, perhaps 25 yards across, along Marconi Drive by Tad Gormley Stadium.  I stopped there and swished this morning, and birds started popping out of the cosmo patch in every direction.  There are two small trees within it, and many jumped up into these.

They were all Common Yellowthroats and Indigo Buntings.  About 15 of the former and 10 of the latter.  The field may produce other species as well in the next few weeks, with House and Marsh Wrens and Swamp Sparrow especially likely.

Even if there were not a bird here, it would be an uplifting experience to walk around this riot of color.  The birds make it extra cool.

Both birds are small and brown (Indigos are not blue at this season).  The buntings are uniformly brown, though you may see a hint of blue-gray wash in places such as the tail.  The yellowthroats have (surprise) a bright yellow throat and upper breast.  Males will have either a full or faded black mask.

Good birding, Peter

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