Thursday, November 17, 2016

Peregrine on another Jefferson water tower

This afternoon I spotted a suspicious silhouette perched on the large water tower in Old Jefferson, and took a quick U-turn to come back and check it out.  Sure enough, a Peregrine.

This is the first time I have seen one there.  The only raptor I have seen perch there before- and I have checked a lot- was a Kestrel, about a month ago.  It makes the third urban Jefferson Parish water tower on which I have seen a Peregrine.  Yay!  This tower is adjacent to Riverdale High School.  The bird was about half way up, on one of the major horizontal beams.

As an aside, I also saw two Bald Eagles flying about in the vicinity of the West Bank Expressway-Hwy 90 interchange in Avondale this morning.  A nice diversion amidst the gridlock of rush hour!  Perhaps a new nest location is in the works...