Monday, March 31, 2014

Prothonotary at City Hall

Didn't get out to do much birding today, but in the course of my daily activities I found myself at City Hall in downtown New Orleans.  In the park facing the front entrance, a Prothonotary Warbler was singing in full force in one of the live oak shade trees!  I walked over and swished a bit, without binoculars, and the bird came in for a peak- as did about eight other warblers/vireos with it.  Among them were a Red-eyed Vireo, a Yellow-rumped Warbler, a white-breasted vireo of some sort (probably White-eyed), and either a second Prothonotary or female Hooded (yellow below, flashing white tail spots).

Where were my binocs when I needed them!

Some birds usually hang around from a fallout as long as north winds prevail to impede their movement onwards.  These were presumably hangers-on from this weekend.  The sloppy weather forecast for later in the week may potentially bring another concentration.


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