Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Afternoon stroll at Couturie

Around 5 pm, I found myself near City Park with a few minutes to spare.  I spent twenty minutes in Couturie, mostly along the western bayou.

A five foot alligator was out in the water, lying still.

Red-shouldered Hawks were calling across the water; later, another flew over from the east.

At the large log that has been made into a waterside bench (north of the viewing deck), a brief bit of screech-owl imitating to bring in songbirds got a response- from a Screech Owl.  It only called once, its mellow monotone.  This occasionally happens in the early morning, and especially in late summer/early fall, but to have it happen in full afternoon sunlight in spring was odd.

Along the trail back in the scrub (not far from the hide), an immature Broad-winged Hawk spooked but gave nice looks on a nearby perch.  Possibly a migrant, but two have been spending the winter in the area.

Lots of Laughing Gulls and Purple Martins wheeling overhead.

On the bayou edge, a Great Blue and a Black-crowned Night-Heron sat patiently.  One Anhinga did the same, while a Double-crested Cormorant swam fishing.  A hen Wood Duck squealed past, but otherwise the wintering waterfowl appear to have split.

Not a lot of passerines- a few Yellowrumps, a House Wren, an Orange-crowned Warbler.  Red-winged Blackbird singing across the water.  The usual cardinals and jays.  But it was late afternoon.

Good birding,


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