Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Mississippi Kites out of the nest

Yesterday I looked out the window to see two kites flying oddly adjacent one another at low altitude, across the street from my house.  I grabbed the binoculars and stepped outside, and saw that one was a juvenile-  distinguishable by the banded tail.  Apparently receiving some tutoring.

I have been seeing the parents for weeks; I believe they moved there from the sycamore behind my house, which seems to have a disshevelled (abandoned early) nest.  They seem to have started there, but moved across the street.

There are so many Mississippi Kites in the skies of New Orleans now, it is hard to drive far without seeing some.  Today I took one scan with binocs from a building at UNO, and spied seven in the air in scattered directions.

They are one of our first birds to leave for the fall- believe it or not, our city will be essentially kite-free by month's end.


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