Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kenner wader roost notes

I visited the Kenner evening wader roost last night.  The count:
60 White Ibis
20 Tricolored Heron
20 Little Blue Heron
10 Snowy Egret
10 Great Egret
1 Anhinga

The most striking thing was the prevalence of immatures- about 85% of the White Ibis were birds hatched this year (vs. overwhelmingly adults on my visits to the Monticello and Lafreniere Park roosts).  Tricoloreds and Little Blues were mainly birds of the year as well.

The mottley crew of waterfowl had two hen American Wigeons and an American Coot among the frankenfowl.  Their status (wild/captive) was unclear.

This and other wader roosts are described on p. 8-9 in Birding Made Easy.


for a copy of Birding Made Easy- New Orleans, email me at, or look for it at the Maple Street and Garden District Book Shops.

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