Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sightings June 5 new Least Tern colony

Today I found a new Least Tern rooftop colony nesting site in New Orleans- on top of my office building!

That is, Milneburg Hall at the University of New Orleans.  I am on the top floor, so there could be tern nests within ten feet of (over) my head while I sit at my desk. 

After a hiatus of nearly a month during intersession, I returned to campus to prep for summer term, and was approaching Milneburg when 25 Leasts burst from the rooftop, spooked by something.  This indicates that they are nesting there- they do not flock on rooftops otherwise.

This is the first UNO campus nesting in several years, but they at times nested atop the campus center building here in past years.   They also nested on top of the Lakefront Arena before Katrina.   

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