Monday, June 3, 2013

Sighting June 3 one year old White Ibises

This morning I walked a bit on the batture levee in Old Jefferson, along the River Rd.

The river had flooded all the way to the base of the levee recently, and now has receded, but only about a foot.  A the end of this flood pool across from the Magnolia School, there was a flock of 17 White Ibis probing along the water's edge with their long downturned bills.  Four more flew in from the downstream direction as I watched.

They were almost all in the blotchy brown and white plumage that indicates that they one-year olds.  They usually do not breed at this age, which is why they are not at the nesting colonies now.

We are lucky to have this species- it is restricted to the southeastern USA, and lots of bird watchers around the country would love to see one.

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