Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birding during the commute- Clearview water retention ponds

One good thing about living and working in New Orleans is that one can regularly see interesting birds simply while driving to and from work.

I always peak at the ponds at Clearview x Earhardt in Metairie whenever I happen to use that interchange.

Today there were five Least Terns dive bombing the pond on the southeast corner of the cloverleaf- probably the most I have seen fishing these ponds at one time before.  Leasts are easily told from other terns even at a glance because they are half the size of the next larger species (Forster's). 

There was a Great Egret standing on the edge of the southwest pond (by Home Depot).

A few weeks ago I was surprised to see an Anhinga flying low over the ponds as if it was prospecting them.

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