Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sightings June 20: Pontchartrain Park rookery

The mixed heronry at the Bartholemew golf course/Pontchartrain Park is really hopping.

The number of fledged young hanging around the shoreline of the rookery island is still relatively small- most young are still in nests.  There were a handful of Tricolored, Little Blue, and Black-crowned Night-Heron juveniles at the water's edge.  A constant cacophony was coming from the island, which despite being made by numerous birds somehow coalesced into a rhythmic chack chack chack...

In addition to the above species, Great, Snowy, and Cattle Egrets and White Ibis are nesting there.  A few Great Blue Herons were present, but I am not sure if they are nesting.  An Anhinga was perched on a high snag. 

This rookery is described on pp. 8-9 in Birding Made Easy.

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