Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Visit to Segnette vulture roost

This morning at 0845, I went by the vulture roost at Segnette Blvd x Lapalco on the West Bank, not far from the Alario Center.

There were 57 Vultures, entirely or nearly entirely Blacks, on the two tension towers.  An additional 16 were already circling overhead, with two Turkey Vultures and two Mississippi Kites among them- it is not clear whether more might have departed the roost earlier in the morning.

A bunch of Blacks were actually on the cement base of the closest of the two high tension towers that the birds perch on.

Funny how Blacks from this roost and elsewhere are so reluctant to wander across the River to the East Bank, where Turkeys make up >90% of the vultures.  The only place I see Blacks regularly in East Jefferson (and usually only a few) is in the immediate vicinity of river batture adjacent Ochsner Hospital.


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