Friday, June 27, 2014

Lower Ninth Ward this afternoon

I was in the Lower Ninth late today with a film crew shooting a TV show about nature in the Lower Ninth.  There appeared to be two Mississippi Kite territories on N Robertson; one of the adults twice brought food from afar, as if tending a nestling.  A Great Crested Flycatcher in a cluster of trees offered better-than-average views.  Most pleasing were four singing Northern Cardinals- encouraging, as this species is still struggling to recover in the residential parts of Katrina flood zone of Orleans.

The wetland at the observation deck at the end of Caffin was fairly birdy.  An Osprey perched on a snag, and Anhinga dried its wings on a stump, and there were Snowy and Great Egrets and Green Herons scattered about.   The most Gull-billed Terns in one scan was a half dozen; there were also some Least Terns scattered about.  I imagine this site is frequented a lot by the terns nesting on the Poland Street Wharf, which is nearby.


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