Saturday, June 14, 2014

Least Tern rooftop colonies update

During the past two days I have visited both the UNO and Elmwood rooftop colonies:

UNO- 33 birds sitting, apparently incubating- this is more than the peak number last year, which was in the 20's.

Elmwood (Levitz)- 24 birds sitting, accompanied by a sitting Gull-billed Tern.

One downy chick was visible at UNO, none at Elmwood.

I am not sure whether the drop in numbers from ~100 earlier in the season at Levitz is meaningful; it was immediately following several hours of rain, so perhaps birds were taking the opportunity to get away after having been pinned on their eggs all morning (?).

What a kick to have two colonies that can actually be watched- usually the only views afforded by rooftop colonies is of birds coming and going, or bursting into the air for a few minutes when disturbed.

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