Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peregrine by the Galleria

Today as I was driving west on I-10 at 8:45 am, I passed a Peregrine Falcon that was heading eastbound, more or less over the eastbound lanes, at low enough altitude for an easy naked-eye view.  Near the Galleria in Metairie.

It was flying more hesitantly than usual for this species, which is usually flies quite directly.  Maneuvering for a strike at prey?

Peregrines are known to sometimes roost on the Jefferson water tower just west of here; perhaps it was coming from there.  How great to have Peregrines in the city!  When I was growing up, it was rare- practically a fantasy bird.

Later in the day, two Red-shouldered Hawks were perched conspicuously side by side, clearly a mated pair, on the corner of a rooftop on the north side of I-10, just west of Clearview.


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