Monday, November 18, 2013

Bald Eagle perched along David Drive in Metairie a few minutes ago

At 10:25 AM I was driving up David Drive between West Metairie and West Napoleon, and noticed an adult Bald Eagle perched atop one of the high tension towers to the west.  It was straight across from Lafreniere Street (not Lafreniere Park).

I had noticed a large raptor in this same spot yesterday morning as well, but hadn't gotten a good look.  Presumably it was this eagle.

The towers farther north have scattered Double-crested Cormorants roosting on them.

Good birding,



  1. There was an adult bald eagle perched fairly close to the parking lot at Fontainebleau State Park yesterday. I got some ok pictures. It may be that this is common- I'm new to the area. I saw this above post about a bald eagle though, so thought I would share.

    1. That is great!

      Bald Eagles do nest there- as you enter the main lawn area (by the lake), if you veer off to the right, there is a spur road on the west edge of that clearing that leads to an interpretive sign about the eagle nest (but the view you had today might be better).