Saturday, November 23, 2013

bird worth chasing: Iceland Gull

This morning a birder posted a photograph of an Iceland Gull at the Mandeville lakefront, at the east end of the park.

This is a gull of normal size, but is strikingly whiter (with merely some tan smudging).  The wingtips are white.  The bill is black.

This is a species that is very similar to another, only slightly less rare (here) species, called the Thayer's Gull, and full steps have not yet been taken to make sure it is not the latter- but it looks good.

The Iceland Gull was see first in our state only last winter, in Venice- despite people being on the alert for it for decades.

The bird is very tame, and may even come to bread.

Good birding!



The bird has been seen by many observers today.  While you are there, look for a flock of 16 Black Scoters (well out on the water) and some Buffleheads that are also present.  I mistakenly said west end of the park before- the birds are at the east end, by the breakwaters and Bayou Castine mouth.

Here is an Iceland Gull pic taken there today by John Sevenair.

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  1. Thanks so much for the heads up! I was at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond and swung by the lake front on the way home. After a disappointing couple of minutes by myself (with no binoculars because we were in my wife's car) two more birders from Baton Rouge with a good scope quickly picked it out sitting off by itself on a jetty away from a large group of terns and local gulls.