Monday, September 21, 2015

Peregrine back in town

This evening at 6:45, as the sun was about to plunge below the horizon, a red light caused me to stop on David Drive, staring across Vets at the Jefferson Parish water tower that looms over the intersection.  I have scanned it countless times over the years for a perched Peregrine, since the species does occasionally use the tower a couple miles east at Causeway x I-10.  Until now, my efforts on David Drive had been fruitless.

I was shocked tonight to see that there was actually a raptor on the uppermost wire.  Hastily grabbing my "emergency" pair of binoculars from the glove box, I trained my lenses on it:  adult Peregrine.

It was on the horizontal wire immediately below the tank, on the southwest side of the structure- its back toward the setting sun, its underside and face in my direction.

I imagine it was settling in for the night- anyone passing the spot in the early AM might find it there as well. 


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