Saturday, June 27, 2015

Causeway Crossover Birding 2.0

Made another foray up the Causeway today, again with special permission to stop at crossovers between mile 13 and 16.5 and scope.  Prime goal was to see the Brown Boobies that have since March been seen in this area.

Bingo!  Two adults cruising northward just off the west railing at mile 16.3, seen from the adjacent crossover.   They were in view for about 30 seconds and then dipped below the railing, never to appear again- giving fuel to the suppositions of some that they are in the habit of roosting on the bridge itself. 

A bit later, an immature (extensive dark speckling on belly, which is white in adults) flew northbound past us while we were at the 15.5 crossover.  It veered gradually eastward away from the bridge until we lost it behind the railing, which angles upwards there toward an overpass.

Not much else out there:  two northbound Purple Martins, three Rock Pigeons, a southbound Cattle Egret, a couple Laughing Gulls, a Brown Pelican, and five distant terns that looked like Royals.


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