Friday, June 26, 2015

Birding from the Causeway Crossovers

Spurred on by the recent Brown Booby sightings, which continued yesterday when 7 (!) were seen at mile 16.3 by Judy Shugart, I made arrangements with the Causeway authorities to stop on the crossovers at miles 13, 15.4, and 16.4 today for short scanning bouts of 10-15 minutes.

I got skunked by the boobies.  I did see one bird in the scope at a ridiculously great distance to the southwest from the 15.4 mile crossover that was a booby candidate, but it was so far I couldn't do anything with it. 

There were very few birds of any sort, mostly perched on structures in the water:
1 adult Brown Pelican
1 white bird, probably an egret, headed southwest
1 Laughing Gull
3 terns (2 probably Royal, 1 medium or large unidentified)

Still, it felt  cool to be able to scan from those crossovers, which I have been eye-ing up for decades!

(This is not normally permitted by the way, so please don't bird these crossovers on your own).


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