Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Least Terns return to rooftop colonies at UNO and Elmwood

I have been watching the Least Tern colony sites at UNO and Elmwood in nervous anticipation this month, hoping that the birds would return to these rooftops, both of which have been occupied for the past two summers.

Yesterday, the amount of tern activity in the vicinity of Milneburg Hall at UNO was pretty encouraging- I highly suspect they will use that roof again this nesting season.

This morning, there were finally birds visible again above the Levitz roof in Elmwood, visible from the Earhardt/Clearview cloverleaf ramp as I drove by.  Seemed to be about 8-10 birds low over the roof.

Tern colonies are notorious for moving from place to place year to year, and neither of these sites produced many young last year- so I feared they would be abandoned.  But it appears not to be the case.


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