Monday, April 13, 2015

Apparent exodus of migrating birds this evening

Judging from the unfiltered (ie, birds not removed) radar available from Slidell on, the migrants that have been hold up with us the last few days have departed northward this evening.  Check out northward movement of the two major green regions between the first (836 pm) and second (1013 pm) images below from this evening.  The mass of (apparent) birds south of the Lake Pontchartrain crosses the lake between the two images, and the mass over southern Mississippi progresses northward.

This is pretty typical- when decent conditions (lack of opposing wind or active precip) are available in early evening, birds will use them to continue north during migration.   These would be mostly small landbirds- warblers, buntings, thrushes, orioles, etc. 

Hopefully more will replace them as the crummy weather induces more to stop over!


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