Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lakefront swale update

Yesterday I swung by the rainpool on Lakeshore Drive behind the Lakefront Arena, to see if the recent dry days have been able to re-expose some muddy edges (and draw in some shorebirds!).

Still pretty wet.  However, there were some species of interest.

At the west end of the swale:
3 Blue-winged Teal (all females)
1 Mottled Duck
(together with the usual exotic Mallards and Canada Geese)

At the east end:
1 Great Blue Heron
2 Black-necked Stilt
2 Black-bellied Plover
2 Lesser Yellowlegs

Also this week,  my first two Sharp-shinned Hawks of the fall- one over my home in Old Jefferson, one over a parking lot in residential Lakeview.

Migration continues!


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