Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eastern Kingbird migration should be peaking

The Eastern Kingbird is a common migrant through our area in spring and fall, and the species also nests here.  The most notable feature of its migration, however, is the sharp peak in its autumnal passage- which occurs with regularity on or about September 5- today!

Eastern Kingbirds engage in "morning flight," the habit of moving in the early morning hours in their migratory direction.  This often makes their movement more visible than most other songbirds- since most others make their migratory movements at night.

Kingbirds travel in the morning in flocks, often up to a few dozen together, sometimes many more, often near treetop level.  These groups are relatively loose, and the individual movements of the birds appear to me to give each flock a sort of "weaving" appearance in aggregate.

Keep your eyes open for kingbirds!



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