Saturday, May 10, 2014

Viewing opportunity: Sora at Wal Mart in Kenner

Word has just circulated that a Sora has been stalking the home and garden section of the Kenner Walmart for weeks, walking about the cement floor.   Rails turn up in odd places more than do most groups of birds do (someone reported a dead Virginia Rail about a week ago at Carrollton x Claiborne in Uptown New Orleans), but its prolonged occurrence at this spot is very unusual.  The Sora is common in the marshes of southeast Louisiana from fall through spring, but is reclusive and is much more often heard than seen.  This individual is presumably stopping over en route northward.

I have no information on how bold or easy to find this individual is- to find it, it would seem a reasonable strategy to walk around, staring underneath tables- I would imagine it hides behind their legs, etc.

Good birding!


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