Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A highlight of mid May: Ruddy Turnstones on the Lakefront

We are currently in the annual small window of time when the chances are best of finding Ruddy Turnstones on the New Orleans lakefront.  About a week ago, I saw five scattered around on the breakwaters by the Ted Hickey Bridge, a place they commonly occur (though under the current strong north winds, the waves crashing over the breakwater might drive them off).  Another good spot is the peninsula at West End, where closer approach is more likely under most conditions- find them by driving the access road and scanning the rip rap.  Or get out and walk the water's edge.  I believe that is where the wonderful picture below, by local birder Bill Bergen, was taken.

Ruddy Turnstones are more or less starling-sized, and often occur in small flocks.  They may be surprisingly inconspicuous along the lakeshore, until they move from one rock to another.  They often call tu-tu-tu when they move around.  They are stopping over enroute to nesting in Canada or Alaska.

Good birding, Peter

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