Thursday, January 30, 2014

Suddenly we have eagles nesting in the city!

For the first time ever that I know of, we have urban nesting Bald Eagles this year in New Orleans- and in two places!  They are winter nesters, so are occupying the nests right now.

One nest is on the West Bank, along Wall Blvd just north of Vespatian (so not far off Gen DeGaul).  This nest is practically right on the road, in a tall bald cypress.  It is on a large tract of open abandoned land.

The other nest, recently covered on the tv news, is in Gentilly by SUNO.  It is in Pontchartrain Park (Bartholomew golf course).  I saw the two adults today sitting together by the baseball diamond at the north end of the park (on the light tower adjacent first base).  I did not have time to stop, but saw what I believe was the nest in a bald cypress on the golf course, across from the southern edge of SUNO.

In addition, the activity around David Drive/West Esplanade in Kenner, including a pair of adults, makes me suspect a third nest is somewhere in that area.

Crazy, but awesome!


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  1. Leaving Kenner look to the right. I spotted what looks like a nest in the top of a tree. Before the 310 split