Wednesday, January 22, 2014

200 Yellowrumped Warblers channeling their inner pipits

At the lake levee at UNO just now (930 AM), adjacent the Alumni Center, was a pure flock of 200 Yellow-rumped Warblers creeping about on the lawn.  They were far enough from trees that I first thought they were American Pipits (an open country bird we get here in the winter, that also moves about in flocks  in wide grassy expanses).

I have seen an unusual amount of ground foraging by Yellowrumps in the last several weeks, but this is a new ground-foraging maximum for me for the species.  And unusually open habitat for them.

I can only speculate that the recent cold weather has shifted the distribution of food down to ground level somehow.  Perhaps they are on the south-facing levee slope because it tilts toward the sun, and warmer temperatures there make the bugs more active- ?

The birds themselves did not seem put out by the cold- several of them were bathing in a rain puddle.


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