Thursday, December 5, 2013

Black Skimmers at the Ted Hickey Bridge 30 minutes ago

I just stopped by the Ted Hickey Bridge (Leon C. Simon crossing the Industrial Canal, at the lakefront).  As usual, there were a few hundred waterbirds loafing on the two breakwaters.

Most interesting was 7 Black Skimmers.  This is the best place to look for them in urban New Orleans outside the nesting season, but they are not here all the time.

The crowd was rounded out by 160 or so Laughing Gulls, five Ring-billed Gulls, 25 Double-crested Cormorants, and a half dozen or so Brown Pelicans.

Surprisingly, there were no Forster's Terns!  When I visited the Mandeville Waterfront a few days ago, they were the most numerous bird on the breakwaters there.  And at the defunct pier at Pontchartrain Beach (still closed- but you can scope from outside the gate), they usually are the most common species as well.

I was also surprised by the lack of Common Loons- often a good place for them.


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You can also look for it at various bookstores in Uptown and the French Quarter/Marigny; on the North Shore there are now a few copies at Mandeville Chiropractic (I know- weird- it's a family connection).

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