Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sightings July 6 Anhinga over River Ridge, gulls starting to flock in Elmwood

Today while lounging in a back yard in River Ridge, I spied an Anhinga flying purposefully northward.  In summers past, I have not seen them regularly over residential/commercial Jefferson Parish (East Bank), but this is my fifth individual this nesting season.  I have to wonder if the species might be nesting in the batture somewhere in the area.

However, it is now late enough in the season that post-breeding dispersers can be expected to start turning up in non-breeding areas; a skywatch in St. Gabriel (south of Baton Rouge) spied some this week.

Also, this evening, a long loose flock of 135 Laughing Gulls came over my house, headed roughly east under the glowering skies.  Perhaps not roosting in Elmwood yet, as they traditionally do from mid summer into fall, but their presence suggests that they are beginning to again converge on the area. 

Last summer, the Wal Mart roost started to form in July.  Late last fall they  put wires on their roof to dissuade them, and they left, but it was the time of year they normally disperse anyway.  We will see what happens!  Plenty of other roofs in the area.


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