Monday, October 31, 2016

Peregrine under the water tower at David x Vets

Around 5:20 this afternoon, I was taking one of my kids (in Halloween regalia) to his friend's house in Metairie. As I pulled up to the end of the cue of cars lined up northbound on David Drive waiting for the light at Veterans Memorial Blvd,  I leaned forward to look up and inspect the wires on the water tower that loomed above.  I was looking for a perched Peregrine, as is my habit at pretty much every water tower in the area that I find myself close to.  This particular tower has only yielded the Lord of the Skies for me once before, a few years back.

Today made it number two!  It was an adult, sitting on the highest wire beneath the tank, tight in against one of the tower's "legs." The red light gave me a moment to pull my "emergency" binoculars from my glove box and have a look.  It was facing north, showing its blue-gray back- indicating an adult.

I cruised by Lakeside Mall on I-10 immediately after, hoping for a bird at that (more often used) tower, but it was empty.  That's okay, one is enough to get me pumped!


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