Monday, January 18, 2016

Signs of spring: birds getting "juiced"

This week I have noticed a change in the behavior of several of our resident species.  They are now entering their nesting-season preliminaries.

Two days ago, three Cardinals were vigorously countersinging from trees surrounding my yard in Old Jefferson.  I have been hearing wan versions of Cardinal songs all winter, but these birds were clearly (and loudly) staking their territories against each other- the first this year.  And the first time I have heard three singing at once at my place since Katrina (yay!).

Yesterday, a House Finch in Elmwood was, likewise, giving the first vigorous finch song I've heard this year.

Finally, today, a Mockingbird was singing robustly in the batture of Old Jefferson.  Nearby, a Mourning Dove crossed over River Road in a long arc on stiff wings:  a courship flight.  Both of these were firsts of the season for me as well.

Things are gaining momentum! 


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