Friday, May 1, 2015

Scouting report: West End park

For years I have been wanting to check out the potential for the large live oak stand and scrub-bordered pond at West End to act as a migrant trap.  Its position close to the lakefront could cause migrating birds to linger if they are reluctant to cross the water- a factor that I believe sometimes causes migrants to stop over in the woodlot farther east at UNO.  The north-ish winds yesterday provided a good situation for migrants to stop over, so I swung by in the morning.

I spend thirty minutes (845-915) searching the oaks and edges of the pond, to moderately encouraging results.  At the pond were a female Blue Grosbeak and male Indigo Bunting, both foraging on the paved walkway, and female Yellow and Black-and-White Warblers in the scrub.  I found a busy flock in the oaks by the amphitheater, that included two Red-eyed and one Yellow-throated Vireo, a Gray Catbird, a male Black-and-White Warbler, a female Orchard Oriole, and two male and two female Scarlet Tanagers.  Other birds of interest included foraging Barn Swallows, and presumably nesting Eastern Kingbird and Great Crested Flycatcher.

Not bad for a half hour; worth another visit!


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