Monday, March 30, 2015

Update on the Pontchartrain Park nesting eagles and waders

Last Friday I swung by Pontchartain Park (aka Bartholomew Golf Course, in Gentilly by SUNO) to check on its two main nesting attractions.

The Bald Eagle nest looks poised for success again this year: a nestling was perched a few feet outside the nest while an adult sat above it in the same tree.  The young bird is already adult sized.  This is their second year at this site.

At the wader colony in the lake near the south end of the park, 118+ Great Egret nests were being attended by adults.  No chicks visible yet.  The adults were posturing, spreading their aigrettes, etc- quite a treat.  Normally other species join them and begin nesting in April;  on Friday there were small numbers of loafing White Ibis, Cattle and Snowy Egrets, and Tricolored and Black-crowned Night-Herons- maybe the early representatives of what is to come.  Still small flocks of American Coot in the rookery lake.  Northern Flicker and Loggerhead Shrike on the golf course adjacent.

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