Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bald Eagle perched at City Park

Boyd Crochet sent me these photos of a Bald Eagle he recent photographed at the northeast corner of City Park, taken from across Bayou St. John.  Eagles nest in Pontchartrain Park, but not yet City Park, so it is an unusual place to find a perched bird.  Over the last few years I have received a picture of one on a light post on the lakefront, and seen one atop the Engineering Building at UNO, so they do land in our area from time to time.  However, they are still most often seen merely overhead.

Keep in mind that when you see a huge raptor with a dark body and white head perched anywhere in southeast Louisiana, and especially in New Orleans, the odds are still in favor of its being an Osprey rather than a Bald Eagle.  Ospreys have a wide black stripe running from the back of the head forward through the eye, whereas Bald Eagles' heads are all white (in adults).  

Nice going, Boyd!

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