Monday, December 15, 2014

Jean Lafitte yesterday afternoon

Yesterday I walked the Coquille Trail in the early afternoon with a group of about ten families members and church friends.

Early on the trail we came across a flock of a dozen or so American Robins energetically feeding on berries in the canopy, flying back and forth over the trail from tree to tree.

A few minutes farther down the trail, two Barred Owls started hooting back and forth to each other.  I tried to bring one in by imitating, and seemed to maybe get them a bit more energized, but they did not approach.

As expected, there were Yellow-rumped Warbler checks to be heard everywhere, and an occasional Swamp Sparrow chip, Phoebe sip, Carolina Wren teakettle, or Carolina Chickadee deedeedee.

After we turned along the Kenta Canal, a Hairy Woodpecker passed by through the trees, giving its characteristic sharp peek.

From the observation platform at trail end, two flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds were visible out in the marsh.  Birds peeled from them in small groups for the next twenty minutes, passing over or past the platform and calling check as they headed over the cypress swamp.

Raptors were a general plus, totaling two harriers, a kestrel, a Bald Eagle, and tons of vultures- mainly Turkey but a few Blacks.

Good birding!


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