Monday, February 3, 2014

Western Kingbird chase-able at Audubon Park

A number of observers have reported seeing a Western Kingbird in Audubon Park in the last few days, near Bird Island and south along the lagoon edge.  Seems like a good bird to chase, since it generally perches in conspicuous locations.

Western Kingbirds are a bit larger than our normal winter flycatcher (Eastern Phoebe), and not really confusable with them.  Westerns are primarily a light gray/tan, but are yellow bellied, and have a tail that is dark with whitish edges.  These edges distinguish it from Tropical and Couch's Kingbirds, Mexican/Texan species that also turn up from time to time (believe it or not) in Louisiana but are less regular than Western.  Tropical and Couch's also have noticeably larger bills.


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