Saturday, May 25, 2013

Birding Made Easy is off the ground!

Here it is, my inaugural post to accompany my new book, Birding Made Easy-New Orleans.

This is the start of a project that I have been envisioning for years- to increase the appreciation of New Orleanians to the birds that our city has in abundance.  Having taught bird courses at UNO for years, and led people from all walks of life on birdwalks and regional bird tours, I have come to see that there are a great many people who find birds interesting but have been kept from pursuing their interest.  Many are intimidated by the challenges of learning how to find birds and, especially, to indentify them.

Through my book and this blog, I want to make it a lot easier for everyone to appreciate the birds of our city- and its surrounding regions.

The first order of books is now ready, and I will be bringing them to local bookstores to try and make them as widely available as possible.  In the meantime, they can also be ordered from me directly for $19.95 plus shipping.  Send me an email:

I intend to blog frequently, and to report on what is going on bird-wise in the city, and also share notes on what I have seen personally day to day.  I hope that this will help bird enthusiasts to see that, if one is aware, there are birds to be seen every day as we go about our normal activities.

Good birding,

Peter Yaukey

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